6th May Quiz Answers

Due to a technical hitch tonight the questions ended up in a random order. The answers below were the order they should of been in !

Which fictional furry creatures lived on Wimbledon Common? – Wombles

The actors Tom Baker, William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton have all played which TV character? – Dr Who

In which city was PM Boris Johnson born? – New York City

If you were born on New Year’s Day, which is your astrological sign? – Capricorn

At what did Antonio Stradivari achieve fame? – Violin maker

Following the Representation of the People Act 1928, women over what age were allowed to vote in Parliamentary elections? – 21

What does the word “pont” mean in both the French and Welsh languages? – Bridge

In the First World War, Anzac troops came from which two countries? – Australia and New Zealand,

Black, Whooper, and Bewick are all types of what? –

Often know as “Laughing gas”, what is it’s more usual name? – Nitrous Oxide

Canaan Banana was the first president of which country? – Zimbabwe

Which society requires a belief in the Great Architect of the Universe? – Freemasons

Galena is an ore of which metal? – Lead

Which sea creature has three hearts? – Octopus

Name the actor who died in 1984, who also starred in the film titled 1984? – Richard Burton

A David Lean film was about a passage to which country? – India

From which planet does Superman come from? – Krypton

Which person in the public eye who was ‘fond’ of alcohol, once said, ‘You’re not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on’? – Dean Martin

Which soap features The Woolpack pub? – Emmerdale

Which US writer created the character Tarzan? – Edgar Rice Burroughs

Who created the cartoon characters,  ‘The Flintstones’? – William Hanna and Joseph Barbara

Who is the host of British television panel show ‘Eight Out of Ten Cats’? – Jimmy Carr

In ‘Mission Impossible’ the tape always ended with a self-destruct warning, how long was it before the tape blew up? – 5 Seconds

In which 1970s British kids show would you have found the characters Billie, Brains, Doughnut, Scooper, Spring, Sticks and Tiger? – Here Come The Double Deckers

Who sang ‘I Could Be So Good For You’, the closing theme tune to ‘Minder’? – Dennis Waterman

It was once the only way to get the latest news, but when did Ceefax start broadcasting? – 1974

Which human first appeared with Gordon the Gopher? – Phillip Schofield

Which TV programme began; ‘Here is a house; Here is a door; Windows one, two, three, four…’? – Play School

In which film do Paul Newman and Robert Redford jump into a river holding hands? – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

In which film did Elizabeth Taylor achieve child stardom in 1944? – National Velvet

Can you identify the real “Carry On..” films from the fakes? – Spying.Cowboy.Camping.Behind.Follow That Camel.

Which sport is played at Rosslyn Park? – Rugby Union

In tennis, what does the initial L in LTA stand for? – Lawn

What nationality is golfer Gary Player? – South African

The Stadium of Light is home to which English football club? – Sunderland

Since 1977, where has snooker’s World Championship taken place? – The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield

The 2024 Summer Olympics is currently scheduled to be held where? – Paris

Which horse is the only three-time winner of the Grand National? – Red Rum

On which course is The Masters golf tournament held? – Augusta National

Ron Atkinson last managed which club in the Premier League? – Nottingham Forest

In which year did Sue Barker win the French Open? – 1976

With which team did Jenson Button win the Formula One World Championship? – Brawn

How many Paralympic gold medals did Tanni Grey-Thompson win in her career? – 11

Which purple precious gem is the birthstone for February? – Amethyst

Which royal residence is located in Norfolk? – Sandringham House

Which two scales are used to measures the effects of an earthquake? – Richter scale.Mercalli scale.

Which American city is served by John F. Kennedy International Airport? – New York

The Cambridge, Adelphi and Lyric in London are all what? – Theatres

What is the fundamental oath usually associated with doctors? – The Hippocratic Oath

Where would you normally find a gavel? – An auction room

Carmine is a vivid shade of which colour? – Red

What is measured on the Beaufort scale? – Wind velocity

Who was the only person to win Nobel prizes for physics and chemistry? – Marie Curie

Who succeeded John Paul I as Pope in 1978? – John Paul II

According to the Nick Berry song title,  “Every loser….” , does what? – Win

Errol Brown is lead singer with which group? – Hot Chocolate

Which pop singer played in goal for Real Madrid? – Julio Iglesias

What do Otis Redding, Jim Reeves, Laurel and Hardy, and Jimi Hendrix have in common? – They all had their biggest hits after they had died

According to her hit song, What part of Shakira’s body doesn’t lie? – Hips

Which Richie Valens 1950s hit, was re-released by Los Lobos in 1987? – La Bamba

Where was Bonnie Tyler lost in 1976? – Lost in France

How many strings does a violin have? – 4

In an Orchestra, which is the largest brass section instrument? – Tuba

Who is the oldest member of the Spice Girls? – Geri Halliwell

Which all girl band released the single “Eternal Flame”? – The Bangles

Famously the following singers, Janis Joplin, Jim Hendrix, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison,  Amy Winehouse and Kurt Cobain were the same age when they died, what is that age? – 27

Which group opened the Wembley Stadium section of Live Aid? – Status Quo

Who had ‘Heartache’ in 1987? – Pepsi and Shirlie

‘Time goes by so slowly, And time can do so much,’ comes from which song? – Unchained Melody

Which country produces Gruyere cheese? – Switzerland

What kind of food is borscht? – A Beetroot soup

Which cheese has been accepted by Italian banks as collateral for small business loans? – Parmasan


Aback Fish  Jeans – (Beaufort Takeaway served with coconut curry sauce)
 – Bajan Fishcakes

In which English county did Wensleydale cheese originate? – Yorkshire

What type of nuts are used in the production of Marzipan? – Almonds.

If you order Cuisses de Grenouilles in a French restaurant what would you expect to be served? – Frogs Legs

In Indonesian and Malay cuisine what does the word ‘nasi’ refer to? – Rice

From which fruit is Grenadine obtained? – Pomegranate

What is calamari? – Squid

What is tofu made from? – Bean curd


to ritual ale (french vegetable dish)
 – Ratatouille

Mulligatawny soup originates from which country? – India


drab glacier – (A Favourite of Peter Kay)
– Garlic Bread

How many standard bottles of champagne are there in a magnum? – 2


Bungee Neighbours  Wolf  – (Beaufort Takeaway with prime meat)
 – Welsh Beef Bourguignon

Which vegetable has its own festival held on the Isle of Wight every year? – Garlic


Add  lightless workers – (Beaufort Takeaway from under the sea)
 – Grilled swordfish steak

In which country will you find wine growing region, The Yarra Valley? – Australia


escaped hippo tot  – (Miguel’s portion will always tempt you for £1)
 – Chipped Potatoes


The anal brogue fart  – (Takeaways Wednesday – Sunday)
 – The Beaufort Raglan

 – Zimababwe

 – Vietnam

 – Norway

 – Nigeria

 – Hungary

 – Brazil

 – Australia

Used to treat heart problems, from which flower is digitalis obtained? – Foxglove

Officially, Painter Van Gogh committed suicide.  How did he die? – Gunshot injury

Which object took almost seven hours to rise from the Solent in 1982? – The Mary Rose

According to Christian teachings. the seven deadly sins are Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Wrath, Envy, Pride and what else ? – Sloth

Which word is used to describe the art of ringing or studying bells? – Campanology

Which famous painting was stolen and kept for two years by Vincenzo Peruggia in the greatest art theft of the 20th century? – The Mona Lisa

Which group publishes a magazine called ‘The War Cry’? – The Salvation Army

Which Scottish Isle became linked to the mainland by a bridge in 1995? – Skye

In traffic light sequences, what light follows green? – Amber

What would you do with a Lee Enfield? – Shoot it

Author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson is better known by the pseudonym of what? – Lewis Carroll

Which type of beans are used to make baked beans? – Haricot beans

7 months of the year have 31 days,  but how many months have 28 days? – 12

Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg is the longest place name in America, but how many letters does it contain?– 45