Quiz answers 15 April

Where were the first modern Olympic Games held, from 6 to 15 April 1896?– Athens, Greece

In English language, the phrase “as green as grass” is an example of … what?– Simile

Which of these is not one of the Railway Stations on a traditional English Monopoly board?– Paddington

Whose stories included “Cetaways and His White Neighbours”, “She”, and “King Solomon’s Mines”?–  H Rider Haggard

Which famous architect died after being hit by a tram in the streets of Barcelona?– Antoni Gaudi

What is the more common name for decompression sickness?– The Bends

In England, what form of punishment was abolished by the Criminal Justice Act of 1948?– Hard labour

What is the basis of  a pesto sauce?– Basil

The British Royal Mint that was established in the Tower of London in 1279, but where is now situated ?– Llantrisant, South Wales

Who are the only joint ruler in the history of England?– William III and Mary II

What is the name for an often elaborate seat, strapped to the back of an elephant?– Howdah

What is the subject of the study of “limnology”?– Inland waters

Which of these games uses a standard playing area made up of  81 squares?– Sudoku

What is dipsomania?– Uncontrollable craving for alcohol.

What does the Latin phrase “in vino veritas” mean?– In wine lies the truth

Which country has International vehicle registration code of ‘V’?– Vatican City

How many sides has a heptadecagon?– 17

Which metal has the chemical symbol Pb?– Lead

How many golden stars feature on the flag of the European Union?– 12

Which type of nut is used to flavour ‘Nutella’ chocolate spread?– Hazelnut

How many moons does the planet Venus have?– None

In which year was Halley’s Comet last visible from Earth?– 1986

Which of these horse races does not form part of The Triple Crown in England?– 1,000 Guineas Stakes

At which racecourse would you find Beecher’s Brook and Canal Turn?– Aintree

Who is the next host of the Olympic games in this series – Los Angeles, Seoul, Barcelona, Atlanta?– Sydney

South African professional golfer Ernie Els is known by what nickname?– The Big Easy

Happy Valley racecourse is situated where?– Hong Kong, China

How many lanes are there in an Olympic-sized swimming pool?– 8

Where are the headquarters of FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association)?– Zurich

What sport was part of the Olympic Games programme between 1896 and 1924, and returned as a full medal sport at the 1988 Olympics?– Golf

In which year was the horse Shergar kidnapped for ransom by the IRA?– 1983

Which American former world number 1 tennis player was known during his career as “The Punisher”?– Andre Agassi

What links Waldi at Munich 1972, Wenlock at London 2012, and Vinicius at Rio 2016 ?– Mascots

In music, what does the term “Adagio” mean?– At a slow pace

Which band, formed in Newcastle upon Tyne, had the original members of Eric Burdon, Alan Price, Hilton Valentine, John Steel, and “Chas” Chandler?– The Animals

Which names has the singer Sean Combs previously been known as…?– Puff Daddy.Puffy.P. Diddy.Love a.k.a. Brother Love.

Who had a UK hit in 1975 with Barbados?– Typically Tropical

What was the year when Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody was first released?– 1975

Who was the lead singer with The Verve?– Richard Ashcroft

Which former Monty Python star wrote the lyrics to Spamalot?– Eric Idle

Which Spandau Ballet song includes the lyrics, ‘These are my salad days, slowly being eaten away’?– Gold

Which British artist was originally born Farrokh Bulsara?– Freddie Mercury

Which Beatles’ song begins with the lyrics: ‘I think I’m gonna be sad, I think it’s today’?– Ticket to Ride

According to Paul Simon, how many ways are there to leave your lover?– 50

The Rhine flows into the North Sea near which city?– Rotterdam

Which of these countries is the furthest north?– Denmark

‘Christ the Redeemer’ is located in which place?– Rio De Janeiro

The Taj Mahal is located in which city in India?– Agra

How many piers are there in Blackpool?– 3

Tobermory is the capital of which Scottish island?– Mull

What is the capital of Vietnam?– Hanoi

Which California valley on the north coast is considered one of the premier wine regions in the world?– Napa Valley

In geography terms, what is a cataract?– Waterfall

In which country are Bugatti cars made?– France

Which desert covers part of China and Mongolia?– Gobi

Which sacred rock is the world’s largest monolith?– Uluru/Ayers Rock

What British sitcom that aired from 1979 to 1981 in the UK, starred Penelope Keith and Peter Bowles?– To the Manor Born

The film actor Norma Jean Mortenson is better known by what name?– Marilyn Monroe

What film starring Denis Quaid and Tyrese Gibson released in 2004 is a remake of one released in 1965 starring James Stewart and Richard Attenborough?– Flight of the Phoenix

Which pair of films starred Uma Thurman as “the bride”, Daryl Hannah as her arch-nemesis and Lucy Liu as “Cottonmouth”?– Kill Bill

The British TV series “Porridge” was set in what prison?– Slade

Which TV family lived in the town of Bedrock?– The Flintstones

The song “I Know Him So Well” is from which musical?– Chess

The fictional town of Hartley in Lancashire was the setting for which of these British TV crime series?– Juliet Bravo

In which 1980 film did actor Helen Mirren sing the music hall favourite “Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me a Bow Wow”?– The Fiendish Plot of Dr Fu Manchu

Which film actor has commonly been nicknames ‘the Muscles from Brussels’?– Jean-Claude Van Damme

Which author created the character Paddington Bear?– Michael Bond

Which author wrote the original ‘Poldark’ series of books?– Winston Graham

In which decade was Donald Trump born?– 1940’s

Renminbi is the currency officially used by which country?– China

What is the name of the character played by Tom Cruise in the ‘Mission Impossible’ films?– Ethan Hunt

P E S V I R E L L Y E S– Elvis Presley

T Z H I N Z I L Y– Thin Lizzy

A U S O S T T U Q– Status Quo

J I T E R I N K E L A M B U S T– Justin Timberlake

P I T B A R R Y S E E N S– Britney Spears

K A A T H E T T– Take That

S O R H T E L L I T G O E S N N– The Rolling Stones

G L A D G A A Y– Lady Gaga

Which organisation’s motto is ‘Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity’?– Federal Bureau of Investigation

Which company produces the most tyres in the world?– Lego

A standard dart board is has 20 numbered segments.  How many degrees does each numbered section of a dartboard measure?– 18°

How many times you can subtract the number 5 from 25– 1

What type of pasta is shaped like a bow-tie?– Farfalle

What name is given to a Champagne bottle four times the size of a standard 750ml bottle?– Jeroboam

Anthony Daniels has portrayed which character in all nine Star Wars films?– C-3PO

Who famously said, ‘It costs a lot of money to look this cheap’?– Dolly Parton

At night what colour light is shown on the starboard side of a ship?– Green

If you were driving a standard family car, how long would it take you to stop at 70 mph in good dry conditions?– 96 metres

Boob Day is the Spanish equivalent of what in Britain?– April Fool’s Day

For what is Elizabeth Fry chiefly remembered?– Prison reform

How many kilograms make one metric ton?– 1000

How many railway stations are there on a traditional Monopoly board?– 4

How many sides has a 20p piece?– 7

The longest country name in the World belongs to Britain with 56 characters.    How many vowels are there in…..?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
– 18