Quiz Results 13 May 2020

How many holes are there in a ten pin bowling ball? – 3

How is the number 5 written in Roman numerals? – V

On Children’s TV, who had the ability to swap heads? – Worzel Gummage

The Suez Canal join which 2 Seas? – The Red Sea.Mediterranean Sea.

Hong Kong left the British Empire and was returned to China in which year? – 1997

Which part of his body did Charlie Chaplin have insured? – His feet

Of which country is Santiago the capital? – Chile

What contribution to London transport did Henry Beck make? – Designed the modern Underground Map

How many years would you have been married if you were celebrating a Coral Wedding? – 35

Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to do what? – Go into space

In which month is All Saints Day? – November

Which size of paper measures 148mm by 210mm?– A5

Which British Prime minister was born at Blenheim Palace? – Winston Churchill

Phillip Schofield, Jason Donovan and Donny Osmond have all played the starring role in which stage musical? – Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat

Who is the incumbent Deputy Leader and chair of the Labour Party? – Angela Rayner

Which chain of restaurants did Heston Blumenthal try to improve in 2009? – Little Chef

In Mary Poppins, Mary would only stay with the family until what changed? – The wind

The giant cock that was placed on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square in 2013 is what colour? – Blue

‘Flammable air’ was an early name for what gas? – Hydrogen

What was the first name of the TV private detective Mrs Wainthropp? – Hetty

On which current affairs programme did the Princess of Wales give her first solo interview in 1995? – Panorama

Which comedy featured characters called Terry Collier and Bob Ferris? – The Likely Lads

Which Children’s TV show ended with phrase, ‘Bye bye, everybody, bye bye’? – Sooty

Which actor played Fitzwilliam Darcy in a TV series in 1995 and Mark Darcy in 2001 Film? – Colin Firth

In which series did Steve Garrett say ‘Book ’em Danno’? – Hawaii Five-O

Who played the title role in TV’s  ‘Remington Steele’ and later went on to work for Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Pierce Brosnan

Who was Frank Spencer’s wife in ‘Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em’? – Betty

In 70’s sitcom, “Are you being Served”, Mrs Slocombe had a very unusual middle name  that shared it’s name with a town in Monmouthshire.  Which town? – Abergavenny

Which police series is based at Sun Hill police station? – The Bill

In which part of the country was the Poldark series set? – Cornwall

Which TV show was also internationally know as  ‘Jeux Sans Frontiers’ but had a different title in the UK ? – It’s A Knockout

How many players are there in a baseball team? – 9

Which Warwickshire ground hosts Test cricket? – Edgbaston

Which former England all-rounder earned the nickname ‘Beefy’? – Ian Botham

Who owned triple Grand National winner Red Rum? – Noel Le Mare

Which snooker player was known as ‘The Whirlwind’? – Jimmy White

What was the first Welsh football team to play in the Premier League? – Swansea City

‘Gooners’ are supporters of which London football club? – Arsenal

‘Swifter, Higher, Stronger’ is the motto for which sporting event? – Olympic Games

Which Olympic event is Ben Ainslie famous for competing in? –

In which year was women’s football officially introduced into the Summer Olympics? – 1996

A lady would wear a lace or silk veil called a mantilla in which country? – Spain

What is the longest river in Europe? – Volga

How are Conquest, War, Famine and Death better known as? – Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Which author created the literary character Gandalf the
 – J.R.R.Tolkien

How many millimeters are there in one meter? – 1000

In the film ‘Casablanca’ what is the name of the nightclub? – Rick’s

Who or what lives in a formicarium? – Ants

What is the capital city of Australia? – Canberra

The Queen was trained as what during World War II? – Mechanic

Which Nazi SS officer was known as the “Butcher of Lyon”? – Klaus Barbie

What boy’s name represents a vowel in the NATO phonetic alphabet? – Oscar

How many minutes does it take for the International Space Station to orbit the Earth? – 90 minutes

Which city did Black Sabbath come from? – Birmingham

Who was guest drummer for Led Zeppelin at the Live Aid concert? – Phil Collins

How did Singer Patsy Cline die? – In an air crash

Which country anthem starts ‘Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman’? – Stand by your Man

What was Louis Armstrong’s nickname? – Satchmo

According to one of their hits, which day of the week did The Boomtown Rats not like? – Monday

Gary and Martin Kemp were members of which 80’s group? – Spandau Ballet

What was it raining according to The Weather Girls in 1984? – Men

Which group were ‘…in the Mood for Dancing’ in 1979? – The Nolans

Who was ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ in 1987? – Rick Astley

Which two songs has Cliff Richard sung in the Eurovision Song Contest? – Power to All Our Friends.Congratulations.

Which Country are progressive rock band, “Yes” originally from? – UK

In which decade did Elton John have his first solo Top Ten hit single? – 1970’s

Which dried fruit do raisins originate come from? – Grapes

From which country does the drink Stella Artois originate? – Belgium

If you ordered Escargots, what would you be eating? – Snails

What, On A bottle of wine, is The Punt – The indentation at the bottom

What Type Of Fruit Is A Russet – An Apple

Which salad ingredient is common to the Greek tzatziki & the most common Indian raita? – Cucumber

Always a Sunday Favourite at the Beaufort

bells wham
 – Welsh lamb

From what is the alcoholic drink ‘Sake’ made? – Rice

Used in cooking, what Is Ghee? – Clarified Butter Used In Asian Cooking

Favourite Starter at the Beauf

hip necklace rivet
 – Chicken liver pate

Which cocktail is made from Creme De Cassis and topped up with Champagne? – Kir Royale

Which French cheese has the nickname of the  “queen of cheeses”? – Brie

Neufchatel cheese comes from what country? – France

Bit of French bread with this Beaufort Starter

former  mucous  shampoo
 – Cream of mushroom soup

In the Disney cartoon, What animal does Pinocchio turn into? – Donkey

In the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist, Jack Dawkins is also known as…? – Artful Dodger

What is the name of Italy’s largest airport, situated in Rome? – Leonardo Da Vinci International

Which mythological character died when he flew too close to the sun? – Icarus

What family had three of its members assassinated in 1948,1984 and 1991? – Gandhi

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak together founded which computer company? – Apple

Where do hurricanes normally form? – Over tropical seas

Berlin’s Take My Breath Away featured in which Tom Cruise film? – Top Gun

Who painted ‘The Last Supper’? – Leonardo da Vinci

In which year did the Berlin Wall finally come down? – 1989

The drug thalidomide was prescribed to pregnant women in the 50s to treat which symptom? – Morning sickness

The Pharos of Alexandria was one of the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World – what kind of structure was it? – A Lighthouse

In Australia a redback is a particularly dangerous species of which creature? – Spider

Barbara had several biscuits. After eating one, she gave half the remainder to her sister. After eating another biscuit, she gave half of what was left to her brother. Mary now had only five biscuits left. How many biscuits did she start with? – 23

What is three- fifths of 40? – 24