Beaufort Quiz 20 April


Welcome to the Beaufort Raglan, Online quiz June 5, 2020.

Hopefully you are all staying safe and well.

Remember this is just for fun and you are only cheating yourself by doing a sneaky Google search.

The winner will be the person/Team that gets the most right and in the quickest time.

The answers will be available once the quiz ends at 10pm.

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Round One

1. Who was British Prime Minister before Theresa May?
2. What do the numbers add up to on the opposite sides of a dice?
3. What is the colour of the centre target on an archery target?
4. What is the legal term for telling lies under oath?
5. What Was Harry S. Truman's Middle Name?
6. What animal would you find in an Eyrie?
7. What is the name of the Jewish New Year festival?
8. What name is also used as a term for female donkey?
9. Dmitri Mendeleev is the famous developer of what?
10. The Beaufort Takeaway Haddock, Chips and Peas is £8.95, but what is the Roman numeral for 895?
11. What part of Cyrano de Bergerac's anatomy was famously large?
12. What line was used to indicates the limit until which a ship could be loaded with cargo?
13. Where would you find the metatarsal arch?
14. E.coli is a type of what?
15. How many people are there on an English jury?
16. Where would you find the Golden Gate bridge?
17. Who famously ‘kissed the girls and made them cry’?

Entertainment Round

18. In the World of Superheroes, what is Diana Prince's other identity?
19. Which did Joan Collins play in 80's TV 'Dynasty'?
20. What was Margaret Mitchell's only book?
21. Which 007 actor was once the 'Big Fry' man in TV adverts?
22. Which actor recorded the song 'I born under a wand'rin' star'?
23. Which Italian city is mentioned in the lyrics of the Right Said Fred Song “I’m Too Sexy”?
24. Dothraki is a fictional language that features in which television series?
25. Happy Talk and Some Enchanted Evening are songs from which 1958 musical?
26. In how many movies has Harrison Ford played Indiana Jones
27. In which city is La Scala opera house?
28. Who was king of England at the time of the Gunpowder Plot?
29. How Many Digits Do The Simpsons Characters Have On Each Hand?
30. What Is The Name Of The Vacuum Cleaner In The Teletubbies?
31. What Was Significant About The 1962 Carry On Film 'Carry On Cruising'
32. Former Mr Universe Lou Ferrigno, played a key character in which TV series from the 1970s?
33. Why Did Peter Sellers Not Appear In The Curse Of The Pink Panther
34. Who Plays The Chief Villain Hans Gruber In The 1988 Film Die Hard
35. Who Is The Killer Tracked Down By FBI Trainee Clarice Starling In The Silence Of The Lambs
36. In the Craig David song, "7 Days", What happened on Tuesday?

Music Round

37. What instrument did Nat King Cole play?
38. Released in 22 March 1963, what was the Beatles first Album?
39. Which 1967 song written by Cat Stevens, became a hit for Rod Stewart in 1977 and Sheryl Crow in 2003?
40. Who rose to fame in 2008 with the release of the single I Kissed a Girl?
41. What song, with a strange title,  was a hit in 1954 for Max Bygraves ?
42. What is the better known stage name of Robyn Fenty?
43. Which group’s best-known recording is the 1967 single ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’?
44. Matt Goss, Luke Goss, Craig Logan were better known as which group?
45. What is the actually first words to Bon Jovi hit,  "'Livin' on a Prayer"?
46. Which song by Europe begins: ‘We’re leaving together, but still it’s farewell’?
47. Which band had a hit in 1969 with 'Pinball wizard?'

Food Round
Questions relating to food 

48. What type of food is Bel Paese?
49. What word means dry on a bottle of Italian wine?
50. From which type of flower does a vanilla pod come?
51. Nevada and Canberra are varieties of which type of vegetable?
52. Fondue is a national dish of which country?
53. Mashed what, is the main ingredient of hummus?
54. In a ‘Carpetbag Steak’, what are placed into a small pocket cut into the meat?
55. The Rapel Valley is a large wine-producing region in which country?
56. Eccles cakes are named after an English town in which county?
57. What shape is ‘Farfalle’ pasta?
58. According to the famous quote from the ‘Silence of the Lambs’, Hannibal Lecter ate the liver of a census taker with fava beans and which wine?
59. Dolmades is a Greek dish wrapped in what?
60. Poached fillet of salmon,  Grilled swordfish steak and Bajan fishcakes are meals available now on the Beaufort Takeaway menu.  How much are they each?

Odds and Ends

General Knowledge and tricky questions too
61. What did people do with Oxford bags?
62. What traditionally did a fletcher make?
63. What do philatelists collect?
64. What does a Costermonger sell?
65. What gas propels the cork from a champagne bottle?
66. What is the more common term for a  necropolis?
67. What is an encyclical?
68. What is the high tower of a Muslim mosque called?
69. What is the male reproductive organ of a plant called?
70. What nationality was the playwright Ibsen?
71. What profession did Hillary Clinton previously practise?
72. What scale is used to measure wind velocity?
73. At the time that Jesus was crucified, which Roman was the governor of Jerusalem?

Geographical Questions

General Knowledge and tricky questions too
74. What did Siam change its name to in 1949?
75. Which country changed it's name from German Southwest Africa in 1915 to Southwest Africa and then changed again in 1990?
76. What is the French name for the English Channel?
77. In Spain what would a Spaniard refer to as an autopista?
78. What is the state capital of Florida?
79. Which two countries own the Virgin Islands?
80. Which Egyptian obelisk stands on the Thames Embankment?
81. What is the World's Highest lake?
82. What is the name of the famous active volcano on the island of Sicily?
83. In which European City would you find  the Tivoli Gardens?

The Home Straight...

General Knowledge and tricky questions too
84. What sport would you practise if you were a toxophilite?
85. What is the third letter of the Greek alphabet?
86. What type of plant grows from seed, flowers and dies in a year?
87. What was a doublet?
88. In which decade did British passports become red?
89. How many times does the digit 5 occur in the numbers from 1 to 100?
90. The 19th hole is a slang term for what?
91. Where would you find a dead man's handle?
92. Followers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are more commonly known by what single-word name?
93. You clock has no markings but the hands point to 3:35. If the clock is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise, what time will the hands then be reading?
94. David is 5 years older than Barbara, who is double the age of Angela.  Angela's cousin is Tony who is, David's brother in law. Tony can dig his garden is 8 hours but only if David can work for half that time too.  If David lives with Angela and Barbara lives with Tony which number would they ring to order a Takeaway from the Beaufort, Raglan?

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