Beaufort Quiz Three


Welcome to the Beaufort Raglan, Online quiz, week 3.

Hopefully you are all staying safe and well.

Remember this is just for fun and you are only cheating yourself by doing a sneaky Google search.

The winner will be the person/Team that gets the most right and in the quickest time.

The answers will be available once the quiz ends at 10pm.

Good Luck



General Knowledge

1. During which decade did Elvis Presley die?
2. By what name is the TV adventurer Edward Michael Grylls more commonly known?
3. Lee, Laurel, Baxter, Tucci, Collymore all share the same first name, what is it?
4. Nostradamus was famous for making what?
5. In Italy, what is a Mortadella?
6. In 2010, under the influence of drugs, George Michael infamously crashed his Range Rover into the Hampstead branch of what high street shop?
7. What was Beethoven's first name?
8. How many strings has a Ukulele?
9. Which country is the largest Cheese producer  in the World?
10. In the nursery rhyme "I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly", what did she swallow to catch the spider?
11. Which Biblical event does Maundy Thursday celebrate?
12. Which human organ was the first to be transplanted?
13. The patron Saint of England is St George, but how long did St George live in England?
14. In which British city did the body snatchers Burke and Hare operate?
15. Nephritis is the inflamation of which part of the body?
16. What does a lepidopterist collect ?
17. What is the highest number visible on a dartboard?
18. How many yards are there between the wickets in a game of cricket?
19. How many of Snow White's seven dwarfs have names ending in the letter Y?
20. The Star-Spangled Banner is the National Anthem of which country?
1 out of 7

Famous Quotes

Can you correctly identify the correct quotes in the following questions.  Your mind may play tricks and they may not always be as you'd expect...
21. In the 1971 film Dirty Harry, Clint Eastwood utter the words.....
22. In the 1980 movie, The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader famously said...
23. In the 1968 original of the cult classic Planet of the Apes, Charlton Heston says his first spoken words to the apes, which was...
24. In the classic, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy says which line to Toto the dog ?
25. In the Film Jaws, after coming close and personal to the famous shark, Brody utters the line.....
26. During the Apollo 13 spaceflight, astronauts communicated back to Nasa their discovery of an explosion that crippled their spacecraft.  astronaut Jack Swigert famously said...
27. In the Shakespeare play Macbeth, the very first scene involves the three witches brewing up some concoction while chanting what.....?
28. In 1937 The Evil Queen in Disney Classic Snow White looks into the mirror and utters the line....
29. In the 1992 film  A Few Good Men Nathan R. Jessup, played by Jack Nicholson, gets probed by Tom Cruise (no not like that!).  Jack's famous reaction to the question "I want the truth!" was....
30. The opening line to the Herman Melville classic novel Moby Dick is....
2 out of 7


31. In which European city would you find the Spanish Riding School, famous for it's classical dressage and the training of Lipizzaner horses?
32. The Welsh flag of St David contains what colours?
33. What colour are the four stars on the flag of New Zealand?
34. If you have travelled through the following stations, Bond Street, Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Holborn, Chancery Lane, St. Paul's, Bank....
Which London tube line would you be travelling on ?
35. What is the capital city of New Zealand?
36. Where In Britain Is Ronaldsway Airport?
37. Approximately what percentage of Earth's surface is covered by water?
38. In Which County Is Chequers , The Prime Minister's Official Residence?
39. Which Italian City Is Famous For Its Leaning Tower?
40. The Welsh settlement of the Chubut Valley is in which sparsely populated region?
41. What Is The Principle Language Of Brazil?
3 out of 7


42. TV legends Ant and Dec are originally from which English city?
43. Which female singer released her single 'Fight For This Love' following her departure from a girl band?
44. Back in 1971 the highest paid television actor in the world was Roger Moore. He was paid one million pounds for a single season to appear in which TV series?
45. Who was the famous drummer on Band Aid's 1984 Christmas hit, 'Do They Know It's Christmas?
46. In the 70's sitcom Dad's Army, which character always wore a thick scarf to prevent himself getting ill?
47. What is the only 'X' rated movie to ever win an Academy Award for Best Picture?
48. Which actor appeared in The Da Vinci Code, X-Men and also Coronation St?
49. The song title 'Go West' has been a hit for which two bands?
50. Which female singer released her single 'Fight For This Love' following her departure from a girl band?
51. Which musician has been a member of Thin Lizzy, Visage and Ultravox?
52. Jennifer Beals is a Pittsburgh steel-mill welder by day and dancer by night in which 1983 film?
53. Which English comedy scriptwriter and presenter who is probably best remembered for presenting 'It'll be Alright on the Night'?
54. What is the name of the fictional amateur detective played by Angela Lansbury in Murder, She Wrote?
4 out of 7


Unravel the letters to find the mystery word from the very small clues.
55. (Fluffy black and white animal that loves bamboo shoots)


56. (soap opera)


57. (drink)

Ale Quit

58. (TV programme - news related)


59. (A popular type of pasta)

A legal title

60. (sport)

A fuel moron

61. (a fruit)

Mean trowel

62. (Italian drink) 

Cuba Sam

63. (a very nice dessert)

See ace heck

64. (back to Italy for a drink)

Monocle Ill

5 out of 7

Picture round

How many of the Mr Men can you identify???
6 out of 7

and finally more General Knowledge

75. What is the more common name for albumen?
76. Which Spanish operatic soprano's duet of 'Barcelona' became an official theme song for the 1992 Olympic Games?
77. The Rialto bridge is a popular tourist attraction in which city?
78. Where are the Major and Minor Arcana found?
79. What sport is played by the LA Lakers?
80. Vodka is a diminutive of the Slavic word voda but what does Voda mean?
81. On the front of the famous Abbey Road album cover, what does Paul McCartney wear on his feet?
82. Which two ingredients are mixed to create a ganache?
83. London, Heathrow Airport has the identifier of  LHR but which airport use the International Air Transport Association identification code LCY?
84. Bow Street Runners formed in London in the 1750's are known to us today as what?
85. Founded by Adolf  "Adi" Dassler, a German cobbler, inventor and entrepreneur, which famous German brand was originally known as "Dassler" back in the 1930s?
86. "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" was a word made famous by the film, Mary Poppins but how many consonants are there in the word?
87. What type of vehicle is a vardo?
88. From which country do Panama hats originate?
89. How long was the hundred years war?
90. Can you identify the musicals composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber?
7 out of 7

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